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3-Phase Power Distribution – Panel Wiring – Machinery Connection – Lighting Installations – Data Installations – Emergency & Security Lighting – Electrical Installation Condition Reports
We are also pleased to offer free quotations, and fully guarantee all our work.




If your property has not already been rewired within the last 25- 30 years, the chances are it will need upgrading at least in part in order to bring it up to current standards. If you plan major remodelling work that constitutes a material alteration as defined by the Building Regulations, it is likely that you will need to rewire part, if not all, of the property, including upgrading the consumer unit (fuse box). If you are extending your home, or converting an attic or garage, this will constitute new work and therefore all of the new wiring will have to conform to Part P: Electrical Safety, and all existing wiring will have to be improved to ensure that it is able to carry the additional loads safely, it is earthed to current requirements and that cross bonding is satisfactory. The rest of the existing wiring does not have to be upgraded, except where upgrading is required by the energy efficiency requirements of the Building Regulations, i.e. central heating controls. At TC Electrical Services we can advise on the best solution for you, please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs and requirements, we are always happy to help.


Whether you’ve bought an older property or lived in the same place for years, the electrics will eventually start to show their age. One of the most important parts is the fuse board, and an old board can be a weak link in your electrical installation.

Fuse boards are relatively inexpensive, but you’ll pay for the time and expertise needed to replace one. A straightforward swap will take TC Electrical Services at least a day to carry out, You may need to budget extra time for fault finding and testing, but we can advise you on this when we supply you with a free survey.

There are a few reasons for replacing your fuse board. You may need some work doing and want to replace the board yourself. You may also find that your old fuse board is struggling to cope with the power demands of your modern home.

Unless you live in a new build property, you should inspect your fuse board to see if it’s time for an upgrade. DO NOT attempt to change this yourself.

Contact us for more information on how we can upgrade your consumer unit to current day standards.



Bathrooms are split into zones by the electrical regulations. Basically the closer to the bath or shower the stricter the bathroom extractor fans regulations are. Water and electric don’t mix and the human body is a fantastic conductor when wet!!

Zones 1 and 2 have certain extractor fans to be used, outside these zones any others may be used.

Please contact us for more information on how we can advise you on the correct fan  and installation for your Bathroom or Shower Room.



Every lighting system needs a cable from the mains to supply power to all the lighting points and a switch that can interrupt the supply to each individual point.

Replacing a light fitting is sometimes a simple task but other times it can be quite tricky. TC Electrical Service are qualified to install your lighting in every capacity. We would be happy to advise you on any questions you may have, it would be better to be safe than sorry and it will be money well spent on a Safe and Accurate task.

If it’s an extra socket or light, a new cooker point or shower, whatever you may need, contact us and we will offer free estimates and advice. TC Electrical Services have over 15 years of experience within all aspects of electrical works, we can install, relocate or even remove electrical points at your request. TC Electrical Services are fully part P compliant and are regularly inspected Elecsa as a Part P Approved Electrical Contractor.



At TC Electrical Services we are able to incorporate a lighting scheme into a mature garden and municipal gardens or work alongside garden designers at the landscaping and design stage.  We ensure that the lighting design and fittings complement and enhance the garden’s mood, planting and design features on every level.

As a garden undergoes seasonal changes and annual growth, our lighting designs can be adapted to ensure that the best aspects and specimens remain enhanced by the lighting. The electrical installations have in-built flexibility to enable them to be extended as new features, or additional planting, are added.

The emergence of the garden as an outdoor room enables many of the comforts and luxuries of modern interior living to be incorporated within it. Our garden lighting engineers have installed Rako lighting controls, LED lighting, low voltage garden lighting, audio systems, heaters, outdoor kitchens, projectors and under-heated driveways for utmost convenience and comfort.

If you would like some advice and guidance on some alternatives lighting effects and installations, get in contact we would be happy to help.



Many of want to make the most of our outdoor space and garages. To take full advantage of these spaces, electricity can help to light and power your property without the need for great long (and potentially dangerous) extension leads trailing from the house.

Summer houses and garages that are wired for electricity can make great offices, extra living space and a place to escape to. It is now possible to run garden electrical equipment such as lawnmowers from outdoor sockets.

With the increased popularity in  outdoor living and dining into the evening, lighting on decking and patios can prolong your enjoyment.

If you require electricity running to the outside of your home, you can be sure that we at TC Electrical Services will have the solutions.


•Electrical supply to garages

•Lights for summer houses & sheds

•Outdoor plugs and sockets

•Flood lights installed or repaired

•Decorative garden lighting fitted

•Exterior wall lights installed

At TC Electrical Services we are Part P Approved, guaranteeing you safety and quality for your outdoor power supply. We will meet with you to discuss your individual requirements and suggest the best solutions for you depending on your budget.

For a free quotation please contact us for more information.



Any electrical work carried out in the garden should be complete by a company such as us at TC Electrical Services. We are Part P qualified and carry out many such projects every year for our customers, the installation of cables and electrical equipment in a garden has to be completed correctly and to current regulations, it is NOT a job that a DIY enthusiast should attempt.

All electrical circuits in a garden have to be protected by a suitably sized fuse/miniature circuit breaker and an RCD device, any cable supplying a pond pump or water feature and any electrical equipment must be suitable for outdoor use, ideally small wire armoured (SWA) cable should be used for an electrical supply from your property out to the garden pond pump or water feature, it should be buried in the ground at a depth of at least 20 inches (500mm).

At TC Electrical Services we would advice you contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the installation of your products to increase the longevity of your environment and feature.



Installing or fitting an electric cooker must be done on its own circuit. An electric cooker cannot be spurred of any other circuit and must be controlled by its own fuse at the consumer unit. For this reason, if this is a new installation it counts as installing a new circuit and is forbidden by any other than a Part P qualified electrician. We At TC Electrical Services are qualified to do this.

Electric cookers draw huge amounts of current because of the heat they need to produce, so a larger fuse is required as is thicker cable and a double pole isolating switch. Usually when a switch is installed it interrupts the live wire of the circuit. The switch breaks the connection in the live wire. With a double pole switch the connection to the live and the neutral is broken so there is no fear of any residual current causing a shock when the switch is off.

In any case if this is a New Installation or one which is being refurbished unto current standards then please contact us we have a solution for you.



Gate automation is a fairly straightforward process and TC Electrical Services do many of these installations every year. Your electrically automated gates will be powered by mains but will run at either 230v or 24v depending on your requirements. 230v systems will meet the needs of most residential users, they are easier to install, therefore cheaper. 24v systems off advanced activation and safety features and are able to run intensively without interruption.

Installing electric gate equipment onto new or existing gates is not an exact science, and we recommend that it is left to the professionals…US!

Fitting your own system may seem like the cheaper option, but could end up costing you more in the long run. Poorly commissioned systems are more prone to break down, and you could potentially damage the equipment – risking and your warranty which comes with your system.

Contact TC Electrical Services, we would be happy to Install and Commission this for you.



At TC Electrical Services we can install Dimmers for a variety of purposes in a domestic or light commercial environment.

Dimmers vary the intensity of light emitted from an electric lamp and provides the flexibility to vary the amount of light in a given space, depending on the individual requirements, tasks or activities being performed. A beautiful ambience can be achieved with a variety of colours and dimmer options.

Dimmers can be used to control lighting almost anywhere in a domestic and light commercial environments.

Domestic: uses include living, dining and entertainment areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens and utility areas, family and game rooms, home theater, hallways and exterior/ landscape/pool lighting.

Light Commercial: uses include hotel and hospitality, ballrooms, conference room, auditorium, cinema, health care, places of worship, restaurants, retail, office and other commercial spaces.

Contact us for more information



Smoke detectors are used to protect your family from smoke and fires in your home. These two things can catch you off guard while you’re in a deep sleep. Fires and smoke inhalation injure and kill many people each year. By having smoke detectors in and around bedrooms and hallways, these tragedies can be avoided.

Hardwired smoke detectors are wired so that if one detector warns of smoke or fire, the others also go off. This way, all areas of the home are warned. The other nice feature is battery backup. The detector runs on 230-volt power until the power goes out. Then the battery kicks in and keeps right on protecting you!

At TC Electrical Services we install many of these types of systems every year, please contact us discuss your requirements.



TC Electrical Services complete many fixed wire tests a year and are experts in the field of electrical testing,  as such we can offer advice and support to you in the most cost effective maner.

Full electrical testing on the supply and internal fixed wiring of your property / business to the latest regulations BS7671 2008 and IEE wiring regulations. This will include the Distribution Board all circuit breakers and associated RCBs, the complete earthing arrangement of the installation with all cables ,switches,sockets and fixtures checked for soundness and compliance.

Our Electrcial Tests are generally carried out as follows:

  • Visual inspection of the installation.
  • Continuity of (cpc) & Earth conductors.
  • Continuity of the ring circuits.
  • Polarity.
  • Insullation resistance of conductors.
  • Earth loop impedance test to determine the quality of your earthing.
  • Testing of RCDs to check that they do trip at the correct time and current rating.
  • Functional switching and Isolation,to insure the switches actually switch the live conductor and not the Neutral.

Why do we need Electrical Testing?

Quite simply it is a statutory obligation in most cases. If your premises are open to the public, i.e. pubs,schools,cinemas,clubs,churches,dentists,doctors surgeries etc then you most likely need to be inspected yearly (Frequency of tests). If you are a private dwelling then you should be tested at least every 10 years. Electrical testing is often overlooked by ignorance, many companies now delegate the responsibility to either their own resources manager or a dedicated company. TC Electrical Services keeps a data base of all tests, when they were performed and the results.

This is a requirement for all types of installation whether it be Domestic, Commercial or Industrial.  Home-owners wishing to sell their dwelling can use the same service to make the test results available to potential purchasers.

Contact Us for more information


Video & Voice Door Entry Systems

At TC Electrical Services we can provide solutions for video & voice door entry systems, CCTV, audio, visual, lighting, control, automation & security systems, we can suggest ideas to minimise cables being seen to create a sleek, elegant environment to live in, giving you that peace of mind and lifestyle choice in a safe and secure manner.

Contact us to see how TC Electrical Services can help you.



When you are looking to refurbish your kitchen or bathroom, usually you require some alterations of your electrical lighting and power to suit the new layout, and to accommodate new appliances and fittings. We have a lot of experience in these projects and work with our customers to achieve the best outcome in your design and practical requirements.

Kitchen Electrics

  • Free lighting advice
  • Low voltage or low energy downlights (spots)
  • Additional sockets, switches, lighting etc
  • Under cupboard lights (all types, fluorescent, LED etc)
  • Under floor heating
  • Cooker/cooker hood connections
  • Part P testing and certification

Bathroom Electrics

  • Free lighting  advice
  • Low voltage or low energy downlights (spots)
  • Extractor fans (low noise)
  • Shaver sockets/ mirror lights
  • Showers/ underfloor heating
  • Part P testing and certification

Contact Us to discuss your requirements.



Electric underfloor heating is suitable for all types of rooms and can easily be installed. TC Electrical Services can supply and Install a wide range of products that will allow you to have underfloor heating in every room.

Electric underfloor heating is an invisible heat source without the clutter from visable pipes or radiators. It requires absolutely no maintenance and is silent running. It also prevents movement and circulation of dust so it is very suitable for people with dust related allergies. The heating is evenly spread across the floor which emits a pleasant heat at both feet and head levels.  On top of that infra red heating is the most natural form of heat distribution.

We have a variety of Heat Mats and Touch/Dial Thermostats we can recommend for you, please get in touch with us we would be happy to talk to you.